Jessey Rose | Will the real Jessey Rose please stand up?
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Will the real Jessey Rose please stand up?

Will the real Jessey Rose please stand up?

every day mom putting her pieces back together

putting my pieces back together- prioritze yourself over the dirty dishes- you are important!!

Hello Beautiful!!!

Thank you so much for being here!!

In the last five and a half years I’ve moved three times, twice across the country, had three children, become an author, a beachbody coach, a youtuber, and an all around sharer, and amidst all of this I kind of lost track of me. The deep down me who used to spend most of her time alone, painting and journaling, introspecting and caring about how I presented myself (fast forward and hello pajamas every day)!

working it out!

Getting my fitness on after the kids go to bed.

I have made some wonderful discoveries along the way- fitness is amazing. I know more about healthy eating than ever before. Motherhood is the biggest and best gift. Personal development changed my life. I am capable of so many things! But I lost touch with so much of myself while trying to do all of these things, and sometimes just felt like a mom-bot trying to make it to bedtime so I could just pass out on the couch already.

So welcome to the new and improved Jessey Rose. I’ve made it through some trials and gotten in touch with a more spiritual side of me. I’m ready to dive back into the work of really taking care of myself and stepping up as a #momboss #ladyboss or whatever you want to call it. The kids are good, the husband is good, now it’s time to realign with me. It’s time for you too. Heaven knows we all need to prioritize ourselves instead of coming in dead last on the list- even after the dirty dishes (what?!).

giving myself the time for a 10 minute mask and rose petal soak.Check out my youtube channel (Jessey Rose) where I’ll be posting about everything along the way and answering questions and helping you get back on the you-train. I’ll post all of my links below if you want to add me on your social media of choice.

I’m so grateful to have the ability to share, and to have something to say.

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