Jessey Rose | Cize – Dance it Out!
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Cize – Dance it Out!

Cize – Dance it Out!

I just did (breathe breathe breathe) my first full workout after countless months (breathe breathe), and I can barely hold my phone to type because I’m shaking. Whew! It’s so easy to give up after five minutes, and especially after ten minutes (when your baby fell and busted his mouth and had to nurse for a few minutes-daddy was here though and he can handle it). Keep going. Finish the whole 38 minutes of that #CIZE program and dance. It. Out. Yeah it’s hard! It’s fun, but I’m sweating my butt off. Make the time, you’ll thank yourself when it’s done. Now, time to hit the shower and get ready for our V-Day date. 💜

I’m trying to decide which program to start on Feb 27. Cize is a strong contender? Which one do you wanna do in our challenge group? 😜👊🏻

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